Even over the festive season, the FWC continues to operate, advising that the 21-day limit for unfair dismissal/adverse actions will still be enforced.

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There is a 21-day time limit for lodging unfair dismissal applications and general protections dismissal applications. It is very important that you get your application in before the deadline.

We count the 21 days from the date your dismissal took effect.

If the deadline falls on a weekend or a public holiday, we will extend the time limit to the next day. This deadline still applies even if our office is closed.

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Last week the FWC revealed it is seeking additional resources after unfair dismissal claims jumped by sixty percent compared to this time last year.

Michael Byrnes, from Swaab Lawyers, posits that there are three reasons the increase in unfair dismissal claims:

  • Higher unemployment
  • Nervous employees
  • Dubious employers

Read his full story here.