Representation before the Fair Work Commission

Greg Reiffel Consulting will protect your business from harmful litigation through representation before the Fair Work Commission. We only represent employers, eliminating any possibility of a conflict of interest.

Enterprise Bargaining Agreements & Individual Flexibility Agreements

Whether it be union or non-union based collective bargaining, as experienced Industrial Relations Consulting specialists in Melbourne, we can negotiate and produce a commercially viable EBA to suit your business’ needs.

Where an employee or your business has issues with the constrictions of an Award, you may be able to sit down with the employee and agree to mutually beneficial terms. Said terms, under both EBAs and IFAs, must pass a “Better Off Overall Test” (BOOT) when compared to the Award. Our Industrial Relations Consultant in Melbourne can take care of all the legal requirements.

Representation for Discipline/Dismissals/Termination of Employment/Redundancies

We will represent you in the event of employee-related legal action and offer you the most relevant advice and recommendations.

Employee Grievances and Mediation

Avoid unnecessary legal action by enlisting us as a third party to liaise with employees and reach agreements.

Letters of Offer/Contracts of Employment

Our Workplace Relations Specialist can devise appropriate workplace contracts to protect your business from harmful legal loopholes.

Contractors’ Agreements and OH&S Systems

Greg Reiffel Consulting, one of the most reputed Industrial Relations Consulting firm in Melbourne will assess the validity of all contracts and agreements. Our contractor systems are designed to protect your business from all threats.

Tendering & Acquisitions

When preparing business tenders, our Industrial Relations Consultant from Melbourne can assist with questions related to Human Resources, Industrial Relations and OH&S.

Business acquisitions often involve the transfer of employees, which is a source of potential liability. We can provide valuable support throughout business acquisitions.