Audits, Metric Reporting, Risk Profiling

Through conducting professional, accurate audits, as well as metric reporting and risk profiling, our Human Resource Consulting service in Melbourne will protect your business from harmful lawsuits; eliminating crippling fines, costly legal fees and brand reputation damage.

Our HR Consultants in Melbourne can compile confidential HR reports, identifying areas where your business may be at risk, as well as analysing the main drivers of your business. Our HR Reporting is designed to boost productivity through the implementation of HR matrices that identify possible savings opportunities through information capture and trend analyses.

Strategic Action Plans

Imagine a Human Resource Consulting service in Melbourne that links directly into your Business Plan. This HR Plan will identify all areas of to assist with your legal compliance and provide a logical Action Plan that will be tailored your specific Risk Profile.

Strategic Action plans help clients to identify the short, medium and long-term savings and improvement opportunities within their business, serving as proactive, rather than reactive, measures against common Workplace/Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management and OH&S issues.

Recruiting Right

All businesses rely to a great extent on their employees, therefore, selecting the right employees is a critical step towards creating and maintaining a productive and efficient business.

Through outsourcing recruitment responsibilities to us, we can ensure that you have the right people working for you. Alternatively, we can provide you with the tools needed for effective recruitment.

Position Descriptions

Position descriptions will facilitate a consistent approach to job evaluation, salary administration, planning and performance review.

The format of Greg Reiffel Consulting’s position descriptions ensures employer protection, serving as a foundation for high employee performance.

Performance Appraisals

Performance Appraisals provide a system of performance management that seeks to ensure all employees are effectively carrying out the duties of their position.
The performance management system integrates seamlessly into the employee’s training program.
Our performance appraisals are tied directly to corresponding position descriptions – effectively measuring gaps in optimum performance and opening up discussion for continuous improvement.

Policies & Procedures/Employee Handbooks/Codes of Conduct

Policies & Procedures will ensure you run your business effectively, whilst substantially reducing your risk profile. These policies can act as a valid defence against employee litigation.

We can also produce Employee Handbooks, which include a Code of Conduct that sets the standards of behaviour and conduct expected of your employees.

Induction Programs

Induction programs are essential to ensure all employees, contractors and visitors to your workplace/job site(s) are effectively briefed on relevant policies and OH&S requirements.

Employee Attitude Surveys and Analysis

Employee attitude insights are invaluable to the development of sound Workplace/Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management policies. Our HR Consultants in Melbourne conduct confidential surveys that enable your business to:


  • Measure Employee Engagement: Determine whether your employees are actively engaged with your business goals.
  • Give Employees a Voice: Employee satisfaction surveys are crucial because they give employees a venue for open feedback. It is an opportunity to establish two-way communication and involve employees in the development process by giving them a direct voice to the management team. Being actively involved in the planning process makes employees realise that they have a stake in the company and that their opinions are valued.
  • Increase Employee Engagement: Once you’ve assessed how engaged your employees are, you can then create an action plan to increase engagement.
  • Manage Business Growth: Knowing how your business measures in areas such as employee satisfaction, management/leadership effectiveness and working environment will give you tangible objectives for change. Simply put, employee satisfaction survey feedback will give you valuable actionable data that you can implement for organisational growth.
  • Benchmark Results: Conducting employee engagement surveys will allow you to benchmark the data for comparison purposes. You can look at particular results and identify areas for improvement within your own business on a year-to-year basis.


An online survey (combined with marketing and encouragement to participate) is the preferred option, as the employee can log-in at any time or any place.


We are proud of our “Leadership Series” which can be delivered in 2 to 3-hour sessions, covering:

  • Leadership & Communication
  • Recruitment & Selection (includes contractor engagement)
  • Occupation Health & Safety
  • Quality Assurance
  • Bullying, Discrimination & Harassment
  • Discipline & Termination
  • Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals
  • Dealing with Absenteeism
Quality Systems

Greg has developed and implemented a number of systems based on ISO standards to enable the business to adopt best practice and be compliant with certification requirements, including:

  • AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems
  • ISO 31000:2009 Risk management
  • AS 3745-2002: Emergency control organisation and procedures for buildings, structures and workplaces
  • ISO 10002:2004: Customer satisfaction – Guidelines for complaints handling

Greg Reiffel Consulting is able to support your business on a retainer basis. This means we will maintain a regular presence at your workplace to mentor your leadership team, audit your people systems and provide all that is required to ensure that your business is legally compliant. We will identify barriers to employee productivity and substantially reduce your employee risk profile. This regular service can be provided weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your business’ needs.

Free, No Obligation Telephone Advice

If your business is faced with a pressing Workplace/Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management issue, call our HR Consultants in Melbourne for free advice before taking action. Greg Reiffel Consulting provides no obligation advice on:

  • Employee discipline and termination.
  • Workforce restructuring/redundancies.
  • Most other employee/contractor related issues
  • Quality Assurance