Renowned Workplace Relations Consultants in Geelong

It is a wise practice to have a human resource as well as industrial relations policy in place as it makes sure that the rights of the management and the employees are safeguarded. Not only this, it also results in good staff relations strategy, creating a much better and a cooperative workforce.

Managing every single thing is not at all feasible; in fact, it is next to impossible if you are running an organisation. And where you have expert IR and HR consultants who help clients in Geelong and other major suburbs of Melbourne. We guide you through your industrial relations and human resource concerns, isn’t taking their professional assistance the best idea to consider?

Greg Reiffel Consulting is a renowned workforce consultant providing accurate advice and required support to all the HR and IR concerns of the organisations in Geelong. Our consulting solutions are devised with a relevant and cost-effective approach that aims at adding value and promoting a sound and secured work culture of your organisation.

We extend our comprehensive consultancy services for:

  • Human Resource

Regardless of you being a large, small, private or public organisation, our HR consultants helping clients in Geelong can develop a complete HR management system to suit your respective business needs. Integrating the effective tools and methods in your existing work structure, we can help you create an HR management system that will benefit both – your employees as well as your organisation.

Our human resources consulting in Geelong and nearby suburbs covers the corporate policies, recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, termination, HR compliance and management and every other aspect related to the human resource.

With our capabilities in enhancing people, strategy and culture, we lead companies to greater efficiency, retention, motivation, commitment and ultimately increased returns.

  • Industrial Relations

The employers like you very well know the importance of your working relations with the trade unions or the staff council. If the relations are good, they can help motivate and engage your workforce, but if it’s otherwise, they can even bring your organisation to a halt.

At Greg Reiffel Consulting, we understand these challenges of managing a business. Our industrial relations consulting serves clients in Geelong and help you review the effectiveness of your collective employee relations by providing timely, practical and strong advice when any disputes arise. This will further allow you to act confidently and positively from the start.

With our practical solutions to your complex employment issues, you are sure to minimise the risk and proceed as smoothly as possible by following our step-by-step advice and guidance.

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To have a support and the right guidance while maintaining your workplace relations is very crucial, hence, counting on our human resource and industrial relations consulting help clients in Geelong and nearby suburbs. It is the best way to have a peace of mind that your HR and IR concerns will be dealt with swiftly and accurately – in the interest of both, the employees and the organisation.

You can hire our advisory service by contacting us at 0438 906 050 and experience a tactful handling of your organisation’s HR and IR issues.