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A formal statement issued by the President of the Fair Work Commission revises its timetable for the next wage review. We will see what (if any) effect the COVID-19 emergency has on wage increases for Australian workers covered by modern awards.



Date Event
20 March 2020 Closing date for lodging submissions
9 April 2020 Closing date for lodging reply submissions and any submissions relating to data published after 13 March 2020
10 April–13 April 2020 Easter
5 May 2020 Closing date for expressions of interest in taking part in the final consultations
15 May 2020* Closing date for lodging submissions relating to matters arising from the Budget and data published after 9 April 2020
19 May–20 May 2020 Final consultations in Melbourne (19 May 2020) and Sydney (20 May 2020)

* This date has been set on the assumption that the Budget for 2020–21 will be handed down on the second Tuesday of May, 12 May 2020, consistent with usual practice.