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Modern Awards continue to evolve

The Fair Work Commission is extensively varying existing awards as a result of the 4-yearly review of modern awards. The modern awards will be varied in 3 tranches during 2020.

The technical and drafting matters for the second tranche of awards have been completed. The varied awards were published on 14 February 2020 and the first group commenced operation on 13 April 2020.


The Fair Work Commission Advises that:

  • Any outstanding substantive or common issues claims that have not yet been determined will be incorporated into the varied awards by way of a subsequent variation determination.
  • If you are subscribed to updates for any of the varied awards, your subscription to our email service will be transferred to the new award.
  • If you do NOT want your subscription transferred to the varied award, please unsubscribe from updates to that award.

More information?

To find out which awards have been varied, and to access the new versions of the awards, go to the Modern awards list on the Commission’s website.

To see the decisions relating to these awards, go to 2019 FWCFB 8569 and 2020 FWCFB 690.